It is an italian acronym which means "porco dio", frequently used in chat room or text.
Mario, dovv'è la bamba pd!?
by Lulz1911 July 7, 2011
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it means "Porco Dio!!", Curse word used many times in Italian, it's used to offend "god" or "lord", the translation in English could be: "omfg" or "fucking god", but in Italian it literally means: "God is a pig" or "Pig God", sometimes the "pig word" can be replaced with any other animal, the dog it's used more often.
porco dio (pd) ho perso di nuovo! -> omfg (which could significate pd) i lost again!
by kr4ne July 17, 2015
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An abbreviation for "Pixel Dating"

This is a common way to advance yourself in a game or other online activity without doing much, if any, work.
Dude I pd'd this bitch and she got me 99 cooking!
by notapder June 15, 2010
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Perfect Dark. Great fps stretching the limits of the N64.
Who's up for some pd?
by George November 3, 2004
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He get's all the hunnies. He must be a PD.
by Jenn May 6, 2005
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Public Defender. An attorney appointed to represent a defendant who cannot afford to hire private counsel.
"I want me a real lawyer, not a PD."
by Schmeni July 11, 2006
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