A person who makes a living in the cyberterritory, making his fortune investing in the field of domain names, buying and selling the Internet's most valuable virtual "real estate".
Find New Money in Domain Names, be a domainer selling domains for profit, or show Web Ads instead and collect domain park money from quality traffic.
by Domainer X April 7, 2006
Male technical geek at a company who keeps track of domain names, dns servers, and anything else geeky related to domains. A domainator's counterpart is the domainatrix.
Dear John,

Why as a Dominator, you should be able to figure out how many domain names I own. Can't you get your own dns servers running.. wait I forgot a domainator keeps them running while a domainatrix keeps them whipped into shape.

The Domainatrix at Jennasloveshop.com
by Kelly Eberhard April 11, 2008
A person who buys domains on the internet and squats on them, thinking they're going to be approached by a billionaire venture capitalist who wants to buy the domain for their next big project and will drop $$$$$$$$$ making the domainer rich. In reality the domainer will never sell their junk domains, will continue to live in their mother's basement, and be a burden to the web based startup community, the internet, and entire world in general.
Domain Auction Headline: "Iphone5g-news.com - starting bid $1,000 USD or buy it now for $10,000,000, this is a billion dollar business opportunity!!! I have been a domainer for over 1 years and we sell other top quality domain names. Please contact us for more domains!"
by bourbonman February 24, 2011
A person who buys or sells domains.
He is a new Domainer.
He is a Domainer.
She is an expert Domainer.
by stanjerry March 4, 2021
A domainer is someone that does buiness in the domain name industry. They generally own hundreds or thousands of domains, but they may own as little as one domain worth millions. They may be a speculative investors like Frank Schilling that buy domains to sell in the future when they are worth more, an income investor like Kevin Ham who parks domains with ads, or a developer that will buy domain names and then develop some kind of site on each domain.

"The domainer used his life savings to buy one domain name that cost $320,000. That sounds crazy but the domain earns $150,000 a year from parking ads".

"Some domainers buy and sell domain names like baseball cards and try to get some profit with each transaction."

"When I realized I owned 50 domains I started feeling like a real domainer".
by nielsencl May 26, 2008
A place where teachers hide because they cannot face the children waltzing into their classrooms. Many teachers fear the children and when they do not feel threatened they come out of the domain growling and barking at the students to demonstrate superiority and aggressiveness.
Ms. Timmerman's domain in the earth science room
by AvoidXSuspicion August 2, 2006
1- A perfect match with Shari. Smart, overly-confident, but can have a warm-welcoming heart. 2- An intense lover!
domaine: 1- A perfect match with Shari. Smart, overly-confident, but can have a warm-welcoming heart. 2- An intense lover!
by Alphdom November 6, 2013