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1. Mistake; screwup; shenanigan.
2. Clumsy, awkward, or uncomfortable individual or establishment with no social skill, tact, or appropriateness.
3. Typographical or spelling error.


4. To mess something up, whether royally or in a minor way.

5. A way to describe someone/something with qualities having to do with or related to a doltez.

1. Thanksgiving dinner was a doltez. I passed out in the laundry basket again and someone wrote "THINK ABOUT IT" on my face.

2. Helen said the guy she was setting me up with was nice, but he kicked my shins under the table the whole time with his Tevas and texted his dad and was generally a doltez!

3. I passed out from the pain before the tattoo guy finished my "ASSASSIN" tattoo and now I just got "ASSASS" written on my back! Total doltez!

4. Man, I just know I'm gonna doltez that 9/11 mural. I can't draw no crying eagle!

5. Is my resume bad? I posted that shit on but only doltez employers ever call me. As if I would ever go work for someone whose business is "Scaggy's Escort Service and Laundromat."
by shirley boom December 22, 2010
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