n motherless calf in a range herd of cattle
cowperson to calf: get along little dogie
by gonzo April 10, 2004
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A very handsome guy that you love over all things.
- Hey, who is he?
- He's my dogi.
by NyxLykaios September 20, 2015
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The noun for one who has gone “Dolo


Man/Woman doing things on their on, albeit not by choice, but by way of the cards fall. This one trudges along without the urge to ask for assistance, but will appreciate the help if offered. A Dogi’s life is one of constant hurdles and setbacks, but accepts the battle and will do what ever it takes to survive on their own, trying best to avoid any further collateral damage.
Yo boul be all on his own but he be gettin it though!

He on that Dogi shit…

Another Example

Niggas be hatin on him, he just stay out the way. That’s that Dogi nigga.
by Vyrotek September 06, 2021
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An amazing guy who makes videos. Everyone enjoys his content. (:
by Dogy Fan February 02, 2019
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