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Dogging the boys can be defined as any of the following:

When one of your boys lies about going to work, then goes and see's his girl.

When one of yours boys ditches you for his girl.

When one of your boys falls asleep when he is supposed to pick you up from the gym.

When one of your boys constantly texts his girl when he's supposed to be having boy time.

If one of your boys does anything than could jeopardise the relationship of the boys.
He's not coming out tonight, he's staying in with his girl. Fuck sake he's dogging the boys.

Bro if you see her tonight and not us, that's dogging the boys
by UrbanGhandi November 11, 2015
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When one of the boys says he's going to be playing table tennis with the boys but then ditches.
Champ: Hey Tevin, wanna come play table tennis?
Tevin: Yeh sorry guys I'm out. Time to dog the boys!
Champ: Oh man you're always dogging the boys
by NeverDogTheBoys69 April 18, 2018
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When your mate leave to take his girlfriend home because it's almost past her curfew
Bob: Catch you guys, gotta take my girl home, it's almost 10pm
The Boys: Dickhead, stop dogging the boys!
by YoloSwaggins69 September 14, 2016
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When a male commits an act that is perceiveable as
-or just plain rude
to the group of male companions and acquaintances in his group of friends known as ‘The Boys’.
Jeff: Wow, I can’t believe that Johnny is leaving for another school!

James: Man, I knew he’d be Dogging The Boys!

Rest of the Boys: WOW YOU WOULD!
by seven sided dice August 13, 2018
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When one guy ditches his mates to go to sleep cos he is tired
Sick Cunt: "Dude lets play Halo 3"

Dog: "Nah bro I'm tired I have work tomorrow"

Everyone: "Dogging the Boys bro"
by Hasnord May 02, 2018
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When a party in a group decides to bail on the boys, to do other things that ultimately dont matter / When the party makes plans and then pulls out of said plans.
Dogging the boys -

Wesley: Hey guys, wanna go out tonight for a drink or two?

Everyone else: Yeah!
Wesley: You know what on second thought naaaahhhh.
Everyone else: Oh hes only just gone and dogged the boys!
by Kam1998 November 08, 2017
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When Will Morton won't buy you tuck shop or GTA V shark card
Alex: Get me a shark card
Will: No get fucked
Alex: come on my account got banned again
Will: I said no
Alex: Stop dogging the boys
by NiggaNiggabitch August 31, 2017
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