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"The Boys" are a group of little boys between the ages of 12 and 17. They think they're funny when they are just being dubasses. Most of the time they'll use "Trump2020" as a comeback and constantly bully Women, LGTBTQ+ and any other minority. They think Being racist, sexist, ignorant, and homophobic is "Dark Humor".
The boys use these "Go back to wash the dishes dishwasher." or " Go make a sandwich" or "Pronouns: Nor/mal" or "I can't breathe, like George Floyd " or "Default settings " ETC.
by SayingTheTruthAboutAssholes November 28, 2020
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Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To crack open a cold one with the boys

Hey man, we're all cracking open a cold one with the boys, want to come?

How am I supposed to crack open a cold one, without the boys?
by E M K A Y 4 ♡ June 5, 2017
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A tight bunch of young men that you should always have time for each other and will do anything for each other. Usually caught together on a Sunday with lack of sleep and off their cruets.
"Look, you have to leave, the boys need me"
by 45tnz April 3, 2017
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A disease that mainly infect the male gender, symptoms can include being male, white, straight, anti-LGBTQ, mainly supporting Donald Trump and being 12-16 years old. It is also identified as a massive cult on the app TikTok you can identify by their monkey profile pictures and they like to assume that they are top-notch but in reality they make fun of people who committed suicide because they bullied them into suicide.
TikToker #1: Are you apart of The Boys
TikToker #2: Yes
TikToker #1: No❤️
by nanceshipper xoxo October 6, 2020
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The biggest boyband on the planet, One Direction. Consists of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik.
The boys are coming out with a new record soon, I can't wait!
by DKri December 30, 2014
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The Boys are that group of guys at your highschool who are low key chill asf, their addicted to natty light or bang, trains are always a thing with The Boys but only with freshman
omg! Look! It’s The Boys!! Their so hot but their low key feins for pussy and alcohol
by Thy Boyz February 22, 2020
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girl:"you and your homies send pictures of your balls to each other?? THATS FUCKING WEIRD!"
boy:"its not WEIRD its THE BOYS!"
by urlocalyp December 4, 2021
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