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A dog who constistantly chooses women over his mates and will go through a character switch between spending time with his girl and the ones who he calls his "bros" that he never has prioritised over his "hoes". Also referred to as a WOM (women over mates), a dogger of the boys likes to fake injuries and make excuses when the boys are suffering in a helpless team or squad punishment, usually fitness of some sort. Often a goodweather friend and likely to snitch and/ or lie to get himself out of trouble but doesn't ever consider mates and leaves them to fend for themselves.
Person 1: "Bro you wanna hit up a feed with the boys at Towers?"
Person 2: "Yeah eets what are we getting?"
Person 1: "Usual, Halal Snack Pack (HSP) and some wings as well."
Person 2: "Okie sounds mad bro, what about (name), is he coming?"
Person 1: "Nah man he's dogging the boys with his girl."
Person 2: "He would dog the boys. What a grub."
by neverdogthebarbs February 03, 2017
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