A person who avoids their obligations in the bedroom (or any other place where sex can be expected to happen)..
Drex was most put out at the expectation that he should shaft Big Lady after she had made him another fine meal..

All he really wanted to do was go to sleep, but the thought of her labelling him a "Shag Dodger" in the morning was too depressing to contemplate so he reluctantly Rogered her brains out several times..
by Drex Johnson September 30, 2014
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A person, usually a porn actress, trying hard to avoid a facial cum shot.
Too bad she's a cum dodger.
by W August 4, 2004
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a female who openly shies away from sex
"Jules says after 3 months she still hasn't slept with Peter, gosh she's such a mickey-dodger"
by MissNO April 6, 2010
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throwing/hiding alchol to make the person look like they have drank it. This is gerenally down to that person being a part time drinker; Platty is know for this in newcastle
everyone is drinking, one person aka the peeve dodger will "walk" away and go and leave half a pint/bottle on a surronding table or bench making it look like they have drank it, they generally try to make sure they are out of sight whilst doing this
by annooomus July 11, 2008
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Someone stupid but has out of pure luck
performed a feat which would'nt be
otherwise possible without skill of ninja
quality or higher.

George bush isn't a ninja
only a shoe dodger.
Tom throws a frisbe, it is caught in a
updraft and never seen again.

"Tom you stupid shoe dodger, that was my
only frisbe"

Still a shoe dodger leaves his audence in

george bush
by scavanna March 2, 2009
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An elderly person trying to over stay their worth on planet earth
The pension queue at the local post office is populated by coffin dodgers
by coff-in dodd-ge-rr October 14, 2003
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Quite simply a devote lesbian, who has no affiliation with the male sex organ.
You missy are a todger dodger
by Anonymous September 5, 2003
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