Damn have you been to a dodgers game lately?!
by noeyiscool July 11, 2008
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A baseball team that plays in a Stadium that is known Nationwide as The Latrine.
With only ONE single playoff game win in the last 20 seasons, it is not surprising that their low IQ gang banger fans and their fat, twatty girlfriends don't show up until the 4th inning, and leave by the 7th inning. Management has attempted to coerce more fat cholos into showing up at all, by offering them high cholesterol, fatty, all you can eat meal deals in the right field pavilion.
Some say this is a government based attempt to rid the land of punk ass Rio Grand swimming illegal alien Mexicans, but if so, it is doomed to fail as they breed like flies, and not coincidentally smell like shit.
Yo esa, you gonna sell some crack and use dat cash to go to the Dodgers game?

Fuck ya homie, gotz me a new shiv too, and some blue tennis shoes.
And my girl, she pregnant again, won't tell me who did it. Fuck dat ho.
by Fernando V. September 20, 2007
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The players on the National League's Los Angeles baseball team. Originally, the Dodgers played in Brooklyn, where they first received the name 'Dodgers'. The name was a reference to the homeless who covered Brookyln's streets in those days, dodging the trolleys that carried passengers around the city. The nickname doesn't make much sense nowadays, unless it refers to the bullet-dodgers in Compton.
The Dodgers are cool solely on the grounds that José Lima pitches for them.
by Diggity Monkeez January 26, 2005
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The gayiest baseball team ever because they suck cock. By the way those gay-ass Dodgers lost to the Giants in the play-offs.
The Dodgers are so fucking gay because they think they can win a world series against the Yankees. HAHAHA the Dodgers are such bears.
by PanochiMan May 1, 2005
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1The forever inferior team to the S.F. Giants that will terribly lose in 2005, and Gagne will choke on a pretzel and die. Fuck the blue and white!! (yankees suck ass too);2 a faggot
1. Giants 20 Dodgers 0 (winning pitcher: schmitd with a perfect game)
2. Go float on rainbows, hug trees, and sodomize eachother you dodgers!!
by KDIZZO March 13, 2005
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arguably the best current team in the MLB, they won 14 out the last 15 games and are stocked up on quality players with Nomahhhh,Maddux,Drew and some very productive rookies and a roster full of players that can hit well and play various positions

they also have a very diverse and rich history dating back to brooklyn

the Dodgers also swept those last place, cock master San Francisco Giants...........so you Giant fan bastards can STFU
Giants fan: d00d we own the dodgers

me: you know you got owned and swept right?

Giants fan: we gotz teh barry bonds

me: i see him! thats him with a needle stuck in his butt-cheek and rubbing cream on his arm
by tha truth teller August 14, 2006
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"We need a loaf of dodger" or "get a bit of dodger into you son"
by RyanSmith February 1, 2009
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