A singing group that used the wrong forum to exercise their "right to free speech" and were surprised when they were boycotted.
by tradesman August 12, 2003
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A group of idiotic hypocrites who believe that their right to freedom of speech was violated when people stopped buying their albums.
Yes they have the freedom to say what they want, but that also means that other people have the right to strongly disagree with them and dislike them for it.
That is why they are hypocrites, they believe that they have the right to say what they want, but yet they think that their fans don't have the right to stop financially supporting them if they disagree with them.
The dixie chicks are uneducated hypocrites who twist the meaning of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means you can't be criminally prosecuted for what you say, it sure as hell doesn't mean that everyone has to share your opinion and like you.
by Russell July 21, 2004
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The up-and-coming bluegrass-punk sensation from California. Used to be a popular country band from Texas before they realized they weren't half the rednecks their audience were. Still learning how to take a stand and stick with it, though.
by Brian X May 03, 2003
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Three brave American women not afraid to tell the truth about a government that employs lies and scare tactics to win over the populace in order to send our kids to another land to kill innocent people - all for oil.
Although I'm no country music fan, I'm sure proud to be from the country that produced the Dixie Chicks!
by Karen July 14, 2003
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Three legendary women, probably the only 3 women who are brave enough to stand up and say that bush is an idiot. Why does everyone go around playing dumb, blind, and deaf to whhat, when, and where he is sending our troops. But when someone stands up to him, we have to trash them. If you where involved in a boycott of this band then your an arrogant little prat. Lets shove a gun in your hand and send you over there. Then we will see who is right.
dixie chicks bleeping rock!
by thanksfornotin August 14, 2006
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a three-"chick"-band that originally played country music. In 2003 they got blacklisted from the country establishment when they criticized George W. Bush and the Iraq War. C'mon people, this happens all the time in the worlds of rock and roll and jazz, and no one makes anything about it. Because the Chicks didn't fit the assembly-line template of today's country stars, they had to take a lot of shit from the intolerant comformist establishment in Nashville, especially Toby Keith and others. Country fans publicly trashed Chicks CDs because they expressed a different opinion. C'mon people! Either you like the music or you don't. I got albums from artists that have various opinions and points of view. It's the music that matters.
After the smoke cleared, the Dixie Chicks made a new studio album, and it entered the U.S. album charts at number one and stayed there for a while. It experiments with the tired 70s "California" "champagne cowboy" country rock sound. Baby, that sound just ain't my cup of tea.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice December 22, 2006
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