When someone makes you feel attacked by doing something
Jungkook in Airplane pt 2 was disrespectful
by your_pseudonym_hi May 30, 2018
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Not treating others in a manner you would expect to be treated.

Not considering the feelings of another person.
Being rude & discourteous.
Shaming or embarrassing a peer purposely.
Treating a person as if they mean less than nothing.
He treated his lady with disrespect when he dissolved their relationship in public.
by Navajo July 23, 2015
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A normal word taken from the english language used by k-pop fans to describe smoking hot idols that tease us without mercy with hip-thrusts, abs, smirking, winking etc. In other words, we feel disrespected!
Did you see Min Yoongi, hipthrusting and seducing the camera during the blood, sweat, tears performance? I never felt so disrespected in my life!!!!!
by Diamondlion February 5, 2018
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You have people who claim they don't respect you in life. When you lack respect for somebody though, you usually lack enough respect for them you don't mind showing them you have no respect for them.
Tim says Muscleman674 is an internet tough guy in real life, and implies that he has no respect for the guy online with what he says of him. Yet in real life, Tim won't disrespect the guy even after he's been disrespected by the guy. He must respect something about the guy then, even if they're not friends.
by Solid Mantis June 18, 2018
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A word black people love to use as a way of adding some class to what would have otherwise been a rather petty argument.
"Yo dog, why you gotta be disrespecting me like that?"

"Step out of my face!"

"Why you gotta be disrespecting me?"

"I said get outta my face!"

"Why you disrespecting?"
by Hey Guy September 16, 2012
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During a football game when one team is already up by a significant amount and a player on the team is running for a touchdown he can call "Disrespect" and knee the ball before crossing the end zone. Usually used to taunt the losing team.
When I caught the ball and there was no coverage I called "Disrespect" and kneed the ball because the score was already 56-7.
by ElGuapo3 November 15, 2010
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