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Someone who only likes people because of how much money they have, or because of the items they own.
Guy: Wanna go out?
Girl: No
Guy: Okay then *Gets into Lamborghini*
Girl: *Notices Lamborghini* I take that back. I will go out with you.
Guy: What a gold digger.
by paradisedallas June 22, 2014
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Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man's bank account than she does about the man.

The closest male equivalent is a gigolo or boytoy.
"That golddigging tramp was never in love with him; she was in love with his money."
by Ion August 10, 2005
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Some girl who dates a guy only for his or his family's wealth.
That girl Brittany is such a gold digger! She only likes nathen for his money lol!
by Swaggerman March 01, 2015
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See wordAnna Nicole Smith/word
A lot of people say she was a gold digger, but I think she really loved that 90-year old decrepit penis
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
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Crystal Harris, the 24-year-old playmate to whom Hugh Hefner, 84-years-old, has proposed.
Why else would Crystal Harris, 24, want a wrinkled STD-laden 84-year-old dude, but for his money? She must be a gold digger.
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted December 29, 2010
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