When your mind has a million things running around in it and it makes you act like a fumbling retard.
I am sorry that I put my grandmother's teeth in your coffee, I was discombobulated.
by Sweet C October 08, 2008
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out of order, cracked out, not working properly, contorting, blabbering nonsense, confused, dysfunctional, out of shape and out of mind.
( I took a full pull off the pipe and I was hella discombobulated )
by Hirosfca June 11, 2006
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having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion
To throw into a state of confusion, when concentration is lost off the main topic.
by anonymous May 10, 2005
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Not understanding the situation. When ones head is in the clouds and one acts oblivious.
I ask a friend to to give me his take on a situation he should be familiar with, and he doesn't comprehend or acts like he has no idea what I'm talking about.
by Rich Ferrari November 29, 2003
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