When somebody dies. Therefore, they are taking a nap in the dirt. Forever.
Yo I wish pops was here, but he's taking a dirt nap.
by Cranky_Lobster April 21, 2016
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n. death

v. (taking a dirt nap) dying. Sometimes used to describe passing out/being unconscious as if dead

also, receiving a visit from Dr. Dirt Nap (dying)
Poor Jane, she stayed home from work today because her cat took a dirt nap yesterday.
by TBea April 23, 2008
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To be buried alvie, as in taking a nap under the dirt. Olg mobsters used to threaten this as punishment for unaccepted behavior.
Guy 1: If you don't bring our money you'll be taking a dirt nap.
Guy 2: Oh, please not that.
by mobstress April 28, 2005
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When someone involuntarily falls asleep, 'passes the fuck out' or otherwise knocks themselves out and they end up unconscious on the ground they had just been standing on.
"Whoa! What's Timmy doing laying on the ground? "
"He's just taking a dirt nap. Sleeping off some of the booze, he's breathing, he'll be fine."
by derpdiva February 27, 2016
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When a drunk person falls down on a dirty floor/ground and proceeds to stay there
"After all that vodka, she took a dirt nap at a pizza joint"
by stew19 October 29, 2009
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When you smoke mersh and it makes you real tired so you take a dirt or mersh nap.
That F***ing mersh made me tired, im gonna go take a dirt nap.
by Shanana pookie Jones May 15, 2007
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