When you take a major fall off of typically an off road personal vehicle...ex: dirt bike, atv, quad, etc. This could also easily be applied to falling off of anything really...ex: bicycle, skateboard, rollerblades, stripper pole etc.
Holy sh*t dude! Did you see that douche bag try to jump over that dune on his quad? His leg is turned around backward! That was the worst dirt nap I've ever seen!
by Cakessi August 14, 2009
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The act of laying in the grave in a dead state.
That dude be dirt nappin' after ma boys bust a cap in his ass.
by KBK January 23, 2005
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The kind of state one is said to be in once they are dead. More often than not, they are put in this state by way of murder; most likely because they was caught slippin'.
"That motherfucker that was talking shit better have someone to walk him to his car. Otherwise, imma catch him slippin' and give his ass a dirt nap." Nighty night!
by Geeeuuuhh! December 9, 2014
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1. To be dead, alt. Taking a dirt nap

2. The act of taking a dump in someones bed while they are sleeping

"Dude, I just gave tom a dirt nap, he's gonna be so pissed when he wakes up covered in dookie"
1. "He got shot last week, he's taking a dirt nap"

2. "Dude, I just gave Tom a dirt nap, he's gonna be so pissed when he wakes up covered in dookie"
by BigMan215 January 14, 2012
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After the banquet, Mrs. Reynolds needed to take a serious dirt nap, yo.

Cooper needs a dirt nap.... even though he's a dog.
by Juju R. December 22, 2010
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When a taxi driver between passengers takes a nap on the dirt... Usually his hair will be sticking up and will be dazed/confused...
Hey look at the cab driver. He must have just took a dirt nap..
by Brad1981 December 26, 2012
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A dirt nap is when you die, you take the big dirt bath. to be bured underground. simular to death.
I will take the big "Dirt Nap" some day when I am old and wrikley.
by equipmentking February 6, 2009
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