To pass out from consuming to much alcohol.
Guy 1: Wheres Ben?
Guy 2: He's taking a dirt nap upstairs
by BCosta June 4, 2010
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Another way of saying something or someone is dead.
Guy 1: Where's you snake?

Guy 2: Taking a dirt nap.
by lioncat88 July 1, 2009
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Death. Tango uniform. Extinction. Cessation of life. Passed on or passed over to the other side.
by ExitRamp August 12, 2006
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Older individuals in a working environment who no longer serve any purpose other than the creation of more work for you.
Bob joined the dirt nap crew shortly after his fourth bypass surgery and could no longer function without assistance.
by EPT September 18, 2006
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Banging a girl from behind and without breaking rythym you reach for a pillow, put it up to your rear, take a dump in it. Then you flip the girl over like your about to go mish but instead you tenderly stuff the dirty side of pillow on her face and gently smother her for 5 seconds. Then you jump out of bed and run out her kitchen door kicking over the garbage cans on the way out....
My ex girlfriend was giving me the blues so I called up her best friend for a Memphis Dirt Nap
by Cal the Lion July 6, 2017
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The Man is none other than the gangster version of the Grim Reaper. One tap on the shoulder from this mother trucker and you're done son.
Dr. dirt nap visited my dog petey last night. I really miss my niijaaa
by PlasticSheep October 22, 2018
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