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commercial marijuana, not of the highest quality, usually containing seeds and stems
is that nug or mersh?
by bell September 04, 2003
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Lower-grade marijuana grown in larger quantities, usually contains lots of beaners(seeds). Less potent than dank or dro but can still get you pretty high.
"Dude I don't have enough money for dank" "Thats ok man just buy a bag of mersh"
by Buddha Lover November 28, 2006
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A parasite that leaches off people and calls them friends. Usually lives in their houses rent free. Normally a man with a weak torso, glasses and patchy beard. A guy that makes lame jokes, pretends to be funny but contributes nothing to a community.
Royce: 'My wife hates him but Mike is my best friend!'
Thomas: 'Don't get fooled by that guy Mersh, he thinks everyone is a Sperg he can abuse.'
by Porsalin August 19, 2019
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Slang for "commercial," with reference to works of music, art, or culture. Derogatory. Implies more money went into producing the thing than imagination went into conceiving of it. A term frequently used by 1980s San Pedro, CA punk band the Minutemen (whose second last album was called "Project Mersh").
"Are you kidding? I'd never listen to mersh stuff like Justin Beiber."
by FancyACorndogBro? August 15, 2011
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To dip one's own or another's genitals (usually a female's) in chili.
Natty: You want to do WHAT?!?!?!
Nate: I just want to mersh you.
Natty: I don't even know what the means.
Nate: Well, we've done the Stanley Steamer before, and this is way cleaner than poop.
Natty: OH MY LORD!!!! YOUR SICK!!!!
Nate: C'mon, it combines everything I love. Poon-tang and chili. If Neal Armstrong could have mixed tang and chili, he would've.
by PWN3D!! January 21, 2006
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Similar to weak or lame

Means that something is a disappointment, not what you expected, a worse situation than you'd wished for.
"You have to work this weekend? That's mersh."
by summer October 05, 2004
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A retard (a person demonstrating a lack of common sense and acting retarted)

An almost acronym used in some public school systems for Mentally Retarded Severely Handicapped
Don't be retarded, man, I swear you're such a fucking mersh!!!
by spn300mike March 28, 2007
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