commercial marijuana, not of the highest quality, usually containing seeds and stems
is that nug or mersh?
by bell September 5, 2003
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A douchey podcaster that Jesse POS (Pod Awful) has an autistic obsession with. Jesse will dedicate hours of his podcast to sperging about Mersh.
r/Mersh is a subreddit run by Jesse PoS to mock mersh.
by Downvoting Victim April 26, 2022
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Similar to weak or lame

Means that something is a disappointment, not what you expected, a worse situation than you'd wished for.
"You have to work this weekend? That's mersh."
by summer October 5, 2004
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A retard (a person demonstrating a lack of common sense and acting retarted)

An almost acronym used in some public school systems for Mentally Retarded Severely Handicapped
Don't be retarded, man, I swear you're such a fucking mersh!!!
by spn300mike March 28, 2007
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Everything, anything, and nothing at the same time.


mershing = having sex
- Mershity mersh mersh mersh....

- I caught them mershing. (I caught them
having sex)
by SH November 24, 2003
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to be kidding around.
-instead of i'm just kidding, it's i'm MERSH kidding.
get it? :D
"you are so fucking ugly."
by yakbye May 2, 2009
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an exclamation of affection only to bunny or elly.
elly i want you to come over now. mersh!
by bunnykins October 30, 2007
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