Dinner is when you and your pals all sit down after a long day of smoking and enjoy another blunt and many snacks. These snacks usually include high carb content.
The gang and I are going for dinner now. Would you like to join?
by gertrudepearson June 13, 2019
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Mom: it’s time for dinner
Jimmy in a ranked game: one sec
Mom no, now
Jimmy: please mom let me finish this game
Mom: don’t make me come in there
by Samlikeawesome September 29, 2020
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Used to describe something that looks yummy, smells yummy, or tastes yummy. Sometimes, this word is used sarcasticly to describe something gross.
Kennedi: omg my mac and cheese is here

Carly: dinner is fucking served
Kennedi: ugh my apple fell in the dirt
Carly: eat it for dinner
by CHARLITTTTTTTTTTT August 26, 2017
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Dinner is a meal which can be either home cooked or purchased from a Take Away establishment to be eaten at home. It can be enjoyed alone or even better with friends. KFC is always a good choice for dinner whether home or away
Charles - Do you and the family want to come round for dinner?
Steve - Yes my good friend, what are we having?
Charles - I was thinking a bit of KFC for dinner....
Steve - Sounds lovely, KFC is my favourite dinner!
by Ironm4n November 12, 2018
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A meal that is served usually during night time. Most people eat dinner with family. You don’t have to eat certain foods for dinner.
What do you want to eat for dinner?
by Cobain1987 May 05, 2019
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1.Man sausage in the erect state, when being given to a female, either vaginally, analy or oraly.

2. Used in conversation as an analagy for the above acts.
Yeah, Yeah, Baby, HAVE YOUR DINNER!!!

Guy1: So, you gave her her dinner yet?
Guy2: You bet, she ate it all up nice and came back for second helpings.
by Da Zeg March 16, 2005
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