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Only the most beautiful women will have this name. If you have one you need to keep her and cherish every moment you guys have together. Shes funny, kind, classy, outgoing, and of course beautiful. She is there for everyone and will stick up for anyone she cares about. Honestly, words cannot explain how amazing she is. I would say shes perfect, but perfect is fake and shes 110% real. I love you Julianna.
Guy one: Woah! Shes gorgeous I wonder what her name is
Guy Two: Oh her? Shes Julianna
Guy One: Oh my!
by Unicornsareawesome777777 January 26, 2014
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A girl who is afraid to say what she feels inside in fear others will judge her. She's shy once you first meet her but soon will be loud and crazy once you get to know her. She does not think she is intelligent or the most beautiful. She is not pleased with how she looks and is self-conches about herself. She would do anything and everything for her family/ loved one. She gives effort to everything she does and tries to succeed at everything she tries. She's always stressing over the little things in life. She's someone you can count on when you need advice or to keep a secret or to cheer you up when your sad. Her feelings are bottled up inside and she keeps them to herself. She acts like it doesn't bother her, but in reality it does. What people really see is a girl who is funny and makes jokes about everyone. She's a girl who has the most beautiful spark in her eyes, an the most breath taking smile. She tries to make everyone around her happy and make them smile. She has a very good sense of humor an likes to joke around. She strives for excellence as much as possible. She's a girl who's strong headed and can get a jealous very easily. But she hides it. She doesn't particularly like to share how she feels sometimes. Do you know a Julianna? If you do, don't loose her. Don't forget about her. Don't push her away. Because she may not come back. Meeting a Julianna is blessing, you won't regret it.
Wow you know Julianna?! She's something special!
by heygurl789 November 26, 2013
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A beautiful girl with an amazing smile, beautiful hair and gorgeous eyes, who can make everyday better just by looking at you and grinning. She so beautiful that you cant ever stop looking at her. She is so kind and loving and will do anything for her family or loved one. She is also very smart and has a very good sense of style. She likes Italian food and her favorite color is blue or green.

She is the perfect example that hot, beautiful girls are not dumb and bitchy.
"Who's that amazingly hot girl!?!?" - Jim
"*jaw drops* whoah dude, that's got to be Julianna" - Tim
by MusicDude55 October 04, 2010
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The greatest girl you will ever meet, sure sometimes she can get frustrated easily but if you stick with her you'll get to know how truly amazing she is. She's worth every single tear, every drop of sweat, and every ounce of blood, being in her presence just makes you happier. You never want to fuck anything up like someone did with her, give her your all if you really care because she's worth it and more, in fact she's worth more than everything but she doesn't believe it. Don't ever get on her bad side because once you lose her it's guaranteed you will just want to go back in time to when life was good and you were on her good side. She has the prettiest eyes, the most enjoyable laugh, and the brightest smile. She is absolutely stunningly beautiful and she is truly an angel. She's the absolute greatest baller you will ever meet alongside her partner in crime, who just happens to be your best friend, and she will always tear up the court no matter who's in her way. Once she's taken a spot in your heart, no one will ever take her spot and you can't do anything but think of her no matter what. She'll put you through hell and back but it's all worth it just to be someone to her because she can always make you happy with a smile or just by being in her presence. She is just absolutely amazing and if you don't love her then you don't deserve any of what she has to offer as a friend and as a person, you will always love her no matter what.
I fucked up bad with Julianna man, I fucking hate myself for everything that happened, and I just wish I could at least still be a friend to her... I'm sorry I won't give up you just mean too much and I don't want to lose you
by wing-ridden-angel January 16, 2019
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one of the most beautiful girls you'll every find. she has the personality everyone guy loves. she's always there for you when you need it. if your ever in a bad mood she'll make you smile no matter what. if you have one, i encourage you to enjoy all the memories with her and of course make the best ones. words can't express how she is. she's just perfect in every way possible. i love you
Guy: Woah who's that?
Guy 2: Oh, that's Julianna.
Guy: I think i'm in love with her.
by Jake_brown563882 December 27, 2016
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