Where damilies get together to eat a meal and make their boring lives sound somewhat interesting.
At the dinner table-
"Hey honey, guess who sold that house today?"
"Thats right!"

"Mom i got straight A's on my report card!"
by nicolexhalle February 28, 2015
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Someone you want to engage in sexual activity with.
ex.. You gonna be my dinner tonight!
You're all the dinner I need!
Girl, imma go in this club and find me some dinner tonight!
by closetkidd November 07, 2006
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1: A meal generally in the evening

2: A less obvious way to talk to another person of the male varitey about a female about there attractiveness

3: Used in before "Dersert" to descibe a woman of ememplary beauty or particulary dirty looking
"Look over there mate! I'd go to her to dinner!" (I eat the shit out of her)
"Look at that dinner!" (PHITTT!)
"Look at that dinner! I'd go back for deserts!"
by Naughty Sam December 28, 2009
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(any part of speech)
Excellent in bed, best served with the accompaniment of a movie.
Whoa, dinner is hott tonight!
by LK March 05, 2004
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Dinner is crazy but yet can show there sweet side, Dinner is sweet toward new people until you get to met them then they have a wild side.
(Dinner is my cats name)
Dinner stinks really
by xsvier.csrlson January 06, 2020
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when its late and he gets hungry,
messes around the cleaned up kitchen,
spills the cans and glasses,
leaves stains and splashes,
spits in the sink,

breaks the dishes,
slices the meat,
burns the pan
and falls asleep

before the first bite.
we had a late dinner tonight. it was quite nice.
via giphy
by genderfluid ladybug April 16, 2019
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