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D inner
D inn er
D in er
D in her
Guy1: "Hey man, is she bothering your again?"
Guy2: "Yeah, she wants d'inner but I've been busy at work 24/7..."
Guy1: "Well, you've gotta eat anyway right?"
Guy2: "Huh? No, i'm not talking about dinner, I'm talking my 'D' in her."
by Johnny Ledge June 21, 2016
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Used to describe something that looks yummy, smells yummy, or tastes yummy. Sometimes, this word is used sarcasticly to describe something gross.
Kennedi: omg my mac and cheese is here

Carly: dinner is fucking served
Kennedi: ugh my apple fell in the dirt
Carly: eat it for dinner
by CHARLITTTTTTTTTTT August 26, 2017
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a phrase or tag word used to describe something you like. used similarly, like the tag words: hot, kick, huge and awesome.
i was into him like dinner.

damn boy, those new kicks are dinner. where you get that shit at?
by mirks May 07, 2009
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1.Man sausage in the erect state, when being given to a female, either vaginally, analy or oraly.

2. Used in conversation as an analagy for the above acts.
Yeah, Yeah, Baby, HAVE YOUR DINNER!!!

Guy1: So, you gave her her dinner yet?
Guy2: You bet, she ate it all up nice and came back for second helpings.
by Da Zeg March 16, 2005
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