A tiny dried up or petrified ball of feces that gets caught in a man's ass hair. It can be the result of not washing your ass or not properly wiping your ass after taking a crap.
When the hippie/stoner pulled down his pants, the girl caught a glimpse of his dinkleberries and refused to have sex with him.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
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The crap, toilet paper mix that gets caught in the ass, or subjects of the ass, see gooch.
Dude, I was ripping out dinkleberrys last night, it hurt like hell, I think I bled.
by Anso May 18, 2008
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A rounded up piece of toilet paper stuck to the underside of ones ass, usually surrounding the anus.
That dude is a dinkleberry.
by Pesamistic Optimist August 18, 2009
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a peice of toilet paper that is residue in an asshole.
"oh look that kid is picking the dinkleberry out and throwing it at his dog!"
by everlost555 December 25, 2005
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my name is terry yeah! where my sister peri yeah! i bit hairy yeah! cause we the dinkleberry
by sonofchrist September 8, 2010
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a word used in situations where swearing is not appropriate
wow you are such a dinkleberry!
by Dark Cow November 17, 2003
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