The name that an amazing engineering lab TA is known by at a specific technical school in Northern New York. He is well liked by all.
"Hey, how'd you do on that thermocouple lab?"
"Great, Dinger gave me a one hundred again!"
by Payner December 12, 2006
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1) A northern-California term for a bowl of crank that one smokes. The crank can also be mixed with some weed.

1) I was visiting my cousin at Chico State and we smoked a fat dinger before we went out.

2) Remember to lock your doors in Oroville, all the dub-teez smoke dingers.
by Keazy December 30, 2005
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dinger means its great like u by a skirt and your friend said that skirt is dinger or you like a song and you say that song is dinger
last night was fucking dinger,ur to is dinger
by c.davis June 27, 2007
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When you fuck up or something goes wrong; sucks. Generally used in a sarcastic manner
I got a 40 on the English quiz! That’s a dinger.
by Kyshadow April 13, 2018
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Robbed Moped/Scooter, can sometimes mean a car.
If i got chased by feds on a dinger, i would mash it up!
by ScoobZ201206ProductionZ October 25, 2007
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