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In United States Marine Corps slang, a crack shot with a rifle; someone who is extremely proficient in marksmanship with small arms; a member of the USMC national rifle marksmanship team.
"I knew that Sergeant Jones was a real dinger when I saw him putting them in the ten-ring from the thousand yard line."
by JoeBeenthere July 02, 2009
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1) Home Runs
2) A term of excitement.
1) Derek Lee hit 3 dingers today.
2) I got 2 tickets to the Mike Jones concert. Wanna go?
Hell yeah, Dingers!
by Brian L. March 05, 2006
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A hard hit ball in baseball. Usually a double, triple, or home ru
"Joe hit the crap out of that double"

"Yeah dude that was a dinger"
by Np1017 October 24, 2014
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