The fugliest, nastiest, most disgusting of them all
Person 1: You saw Zamyr with the mushroom haircut?
Person 2: Mhm. That nigga is chopped.
by Yruey January 24, 2023
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A girl or boy that's ugly. (Or should we say CHOPPED.)
Bro, she chopped. With that ugly ass hair style.
by R.Lavish December 16, 2014
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Aussie slang for getting beaten in a car race. Smack talk. Usually accompanied by a cutting hand motion like in rock, paper, scissors. Made famous by the Youtube sensation Mighty Car Mods guys Marty and Moog.
Moog got chopped by Marty, so he had to give up his Nissan.

Marty's MX5 got chopped by Moog's S2000 that is powered by unicorn farts.
by Dannydabaker December 20, 2013
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To get something wrong/ messed up/ fucked up.
(mostly appearing in this format - you got me chopped)
by Esha04 July 11, 2008
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A term coined by Greg Lford, it is the definition of the feeling of being so extremely high that your like a tree that has been chopped down and just laying there. Comes from other definitions of "Chopped" which is a feeling of being very very high.
By taking one hand in the shape of a karate chop and slicing it down on your other hand's palm is the visual representation of being chopped, making it easier for those around you to understand how your feeling.
Jordan: The Lion King is such a awesome movie

Mitch: Yeah dude, that was a fat ass blunt we smoked

Jerrica: Hell yeah nigga, how you feelin greg?

Greg: *makes a chopped hand motion* im fuckin chopped like... fuckin chopped.
by Nuthinbuttajaythang November 7, 2010
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