Australian Aboriginal pronunciation of "brother", which they copied from Afro-Americans.
"Hey brudda, see you taking the kids for a walk today."
by lyndal June 1, 2007
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What a ugandan knuckle says to another ugandan knuckles that knows de wae when they greet them
ugandan knuckle 1: Hello brudda
ugandan knuckle 2: Hello brudda
by Officer Snake May 3, 2018
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City slang used by city-dwelling ghetto kids. Like bangah.
You got it brudda!
by Kinkgirl November 5, 2010
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hey brudda got a dolla
by meth October 12, 2003
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A person who knows the way and is your bro for the end of humanity.
Best Friend: Wassup brudda.
Me: Hey bro do you know da way?
Best Friend: Yes queen till the end of humanity.
by RamenMEME March 2, 2018
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