1. The sound a door bell makes when somone rings it.

2. An idiot or moron
1. I heard a ding dong, so i answered the door, and a pizza delivery man shoved a square box in my face, which broke my nose in 67 places.

2. John is a ding dong.
by ananomus January 22, 2005
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Verb- to grasp a person’s pony tail esp. a girl’s and pull down sharply while shouting “ding dong
“Hey Bobby, I’m gonna ding dong Sarah” Steven said

“Let me watch.” Bobby said

Steven snuck up behind Sarah. He grabbed her ponytail and yanked on it.

DING DONG” Steven barked

Sarah yelped in pain
by Rakis January 17, 2019
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A dumbass. Originates from referring to one through use of the male genitalia.
You dang ding dong, what the hell were you thinking?
by hdsokwadls August 08, 2006
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What the penis is called when a man smackes it across a women's face while she is performing oral sex. The left cheek is the ding, and the right cheek is the dong.
He slapped his ding dong across her face.
by CB June 27, 2003
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A former professional wrestling tag team who wrestled in World Championship Wrestling. The Ding Dongs consisted of journeyman wrestlers Jim Evans and Richard Sartain. They hailed from "Bellville, USA" and wore costumes were full orange bodysuits clad with bells. Their main gimmick was one Ding Dong ringing a loud, annoying bell on the ring apron while the other Ding Dong wrestled. Introduced at Clash of the Champions VII, they were reviled by the fans from day one and disappeared after a dominating loss to the Skyscrapers where they were unmasked to complete the burial.
I was hoping for an excellent wrestling match when I turned onto TBS but all I saw were The Ding Dongs.
by Bellville October 04, 2008
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A vicious fight where one, or several, persons hit the floor.
Boy what happened last Saturday night at the live house when that yakuza man got hit with a bottle and lay down on the floor for a long time? What a ding dong that was, huh?
by skydog70 January 08, 2006
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