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The penal area of a man's genitalia
Ohhh you touch my tralala, hmmm my ding ding dong....

-Gunther and The Sunshine Girls
by David Greiner May 06, 2005

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A word of many possibility's. Verb, adj,noun etc. A gesture of your vocal chords that can produce a sigh of happiness, question, displeasure, or neutrality.
I'm going to the store right meah.
What are you meahing about now meah?
by David Greiner April 07, 2005

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To be humored or sexually dissed on by a clitorous
Wow are you gonna take that? She totally just clitorbated you.
by David Greiner May 05, 2005

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The soft, tender, skin surrounding the clitoris.
My period causes pain on my flabia
by David Greiner July 27, 2005

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