a way of saying dick witthout getting the baseball bat to your head.
person 1: nice ding-dong bro
person 2: wat dafuq u pervert
by _RYAN_PLAYZ_ September 30, 2020
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Someone who is social and always is happy and smiley and happy to lucky no matter what. Always brightening your day every time they see you.
My friend is such a beautiful ding dong. He always brightens everyone’s days.
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by Justicewithtacosandweed August 10, 2018
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a great reggae-dancehall artist/performer straight from Jamaica. a famous dance by this artist is "bad man forward,bad man pull up."
ya kno ma boi ding dong in da house, yall need to get roun down ya girlass breakn down bad man forwa badman pullu
by D-Boz March 17, 2007
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While performing anal sex, the one being fucked takes a shit. The penis then becomes encased in shit and the male ejaculates, filling the shit with cum. Pull out, finish shitting and enjoy as after sex snack.
Jacob: Sophie and I made a ding dong the other night.

Tim: What the fuck bro?!
by Datboiswheel April 22, 2017
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Started as slang for penis, but has basically become a generic noun for just about anything. cat, car, groceries, cigarettes, etc. sometimes used as a verb as well.
can you help me bring up the rest of the ding dongs from the ding dong? cheers.
by JT October 29, 2004
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A joint that is down to a quarter of an inch
Dude don't waste the dingdong
by saggy April 04, 2005
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