The act of a female individual sticking her fingers into her vagina and digging into the pink. This results in sexual stimulation and is also a form of masturbation.
Did you see that girl digging out her vagina, she used her two fingers first, then her whole fist.
by brian April 2, 2005
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have sex with; said of the male part of the act because of the simulation of digging out a hole.
We call that ho Doug, because so many bruthas done dug it out.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 25, 2002
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A behavioral disorder term for those with 'special needs' who practice fecal smearing, or the throwing of feces during tantrums of emotional outbursts.
Correct: "Merle, little Jeanine's digging out again, better get the 409."

Incorrect: "After a 12" dump, Buffalo New York is digging out"
by misterlooneypants December 6, 2010
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when a man puts a woman face down on the bed and eats her ass out for about 10 minutes
Man 1: That girl is so fine, but she is a fucking bitch.

Man 2: She just needs someone to dig it out and she will be fine.
by Johnny Tats May 16, 2008
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When you pleasure a female with your fingers
I was with a bird lastnight and I wanted to dig her out raw!!
by Danny Omann April 4, 2008
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