A: oh hey look! Its a fucking bitch!

B: You mean Donald Trump?
by November 14, 2020
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A female who victimizes people around her by using her evil thoughts and ideas to manifest misery around her because she feels better when others suffer.
by Dabosss May 17, 2009
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A combination of the words fuck and bitch that when put together make something that is PURE EVIL!!!!
Fuck you man, fuck you! You know the fuck what, you're a FUCKING BITCH!!
by Theory's Apprentice July 3, 2006
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Q: Do you like her?
A: No. She's just one of my fuck bitches.
by yo mamma September 10, 2003
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Adjective- stupid/dumb female; asshole; jerk ; disrespectful; unexplainably mean.
*girl calls guy stupid*

*guy responds*

I don't know why you come over here and act like a fuck bitch, I didn't do anything wrong
*girl feels offended and embarrassed *
by LqShadow January 22, 2014
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The one thing every man discovers at one point in his life. Usually this occurs while smoking a blizzy and hangin' with ya homeboys.

Additionally, 'Gettin money' comes clearly before bitches, as quoted by The Best Rapper Alive:
"Get Money. Fuck bitches."
JP: "Hey Chri, that shit hit you hard or what?"
Chri: "Nah man, I just be thinkin'"
JP: "'Bout what?"
Chri: "Fuck bitches."
JP: "Hell ya son, just like my boy Weezy does it."
Chri: "Get money. Fuck bitches."
JP: "The best rapper alive fo sho."
Chri: "Gangsta to tha core. Ankle wrapped flame paint ya kitchen floor."
JP: "Shit's cold"
by Yo CHRI July 11, 2008
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noun - fuck bitch: a person, not always a woman, who is kept around primarily, if not solely, for the purposes of having someone to have sex with, even if not ever actually doing it.
Sam has a really nice fucking bitch, her name is Summer.

If you weren't such a good fucking bitch I'd throw you out. Now shut up, sit down and watch TV with me.
by neo anders September 1, 2008
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