digger: round paper filled with tobbacco, with a filter on one end. Often called a smoke/cigarete/dart/ciggy-puff or most commonly a digger.
hey boys, after chem class lets head out for a quick digger.
hey big cam, send that digger over this way der bro.
by The D Bomb November 24, 2010
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a desi kid (south asian) who tries to act black
Person 1: Yo, you wanna go to the mela?
Person 2: Nah man, its FULL of diggers.
Person 1: True, true.
by Terd Furgesun October 01, 2007
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a term for money and cash. one digger is equal to one unit of money.
ten diggers, you must be joking! or lend us a digger mate.
by browngloss January 19, 2006
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taxi term for a fare going out of town (north of england)
by paul1968 April 06, 2008
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