The most handsome boy/man in the world ! Always gets the best girls
Wow I wish I was Deaconso girlfriend
by pink flufly unicorn 123 October 02, 2017
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A Deacon is the second most powerful member of the Church. He can cast every spell except for Holy.
The deacon couldn't do much to stop the zombies attacking us, so he just kept everyone healed instead.
by RAINFALL8 September 07, 2013
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The BEST friend you will get. He is obsessed with random memes and wants to enlighten the world with his corny but hilarious jokes. Don't hate him because if you do, your penis will disappear...
Deacon isn't a DICK
by Deacon the god April 07, 2019
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A really cool dude that lives in South Louisiana. He is weird, friendly, and EPIC as he would say. He really loves Twenty Øne Pilots, video games, and memes.

If you know Deacon tell him you seen this :)
1)I am Deacon... I am very humble.

2)Deacon is so cool.

3) Hater 1: "Hey did you see Deacon?"

Hater 2: "Yea he's listening to some weird music."
by Tunsin The Rock October 30, 2019
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As in Joey an '80s disabled celebrity, who despite being severly physically disabled was just as intelligent as you and me... or NOT thought the millions of children watching Blue Peter in the UK a the time!
An insult to the intelligence of a fellow school pupil in the '80s: "Deeeeacon"
by Jack the spack October 07, 2003
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Deacon is funny, tall, blonde, and does pretty well in school. He is nice and caring most of the time but can also be a total jerk. He has a good group of friends and is popular. He doesn't have the best looks but he can get most girls that he wants.
Look, its Deacon.
by dave132435465 December 23, 2018
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Ffs you idiots! Obviously no one here knows the correct defention of deacon, so I will enlighted you to the REAL meaning of the term.

First of all, a deacon is NOT a penis, nor is it a "low" ranking in the Roman Catholic Church.

In Catholicism, a Deacon is a lower form of a priest, a helper basically ( the Greek word Deacon means assistant.) Deacons do not have the authority to forgive sins or consecrate Holy Communion, though they may witness marriages and baptise.In conclusion, Deacons usually help the Priest and read scripture in the Mass.

Lastly, it is not a "low" rank in the Church, as training to become a Deacon takes over 4 years. Deacons can be seen as a higher rank than the standard Lay Person, or possibly even religious Brothers and Sisters.
Heirarchy of the Church:

1. Pope
2. College of Cardinals
3. Bishop
4. Priest
5. Deacon(my dad)/Religious Orders
6.everyone else
by TACTICALSQUAD July 29, 2008
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