Forming your hand into a shovel like object and thrusting it into another's rear end.
When Jimmy wasn't expecting it, Jessica gave him a digger, and she got more than she bargained for; JIMMY DOESNT WIPE LOL
by cherry flavored antacids July 02, 2009
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white scumma chicks who think there straight up Gunits from the blizzock.
"Yo main you know that Grace chick is a straight up Digger (aka Digga.)"
by ken martin March 24, 2007
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To "scoop" or dig a vagina out. The penis is used as a make-shift shovel.
I dug yer wan out last night. Great bit - a Digger
by Buckley August 25, 2006
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Someone who feels compelled to dig at and play with their own feces, before and after it has left the body. May be linked to coprophilia, but more often the term is used by geriatric care workers and is simply attributed to dementia.
"I had to clean up a real mess last night."
"What, is Mr. Jenkins a digger or something?"
by J.C.M. January 26, 2007
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British Army slang for eating utensils, knife, fork, spoon, etc. (KFS)
Got all the way to the scoffhouse, realised I'd forgotten my diggers!
by Champers April 30, 2005
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