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(verb) To unknowingly add grain alcohol to someones beverage; in spite, revenge or as a gag.
"Meredith ordered a drink at the bar, but after failing to tip the bartender, he dieseled her drink when she wasn't looking"

"Zach was getting on the bartenders nerves and on the verge of getting kicked out, so Austin dieseled him to finish him off and called in the bouncer"

Eric: "Why is Ryan puking inside that washing machine?"
Gordon: "Because we dieseled all of his shots the entire night."
Eric: "WOW, He is super blacked out."
by Mr. Pink Cadillac October 23, 2011
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To hit someone very hard or to be muscular.
Man, you got dieseled in football yesterday!

That man is dieseled (strong)
by J-Rock April 16, 2005
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To engage in the act of drinking copious volumes of beer and devolving into a single cellular state.
Steve was so dieseled he was STBD - shit the bed drunk.
by sherbasaurus January 24, 2016
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