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When a man's penis instead of his brain decides his actions , most commonly happens when aroused from a girl.
*at a dance party*
"Dude, that guy is bumping hard into every chick he dances with!"
"Lol, he's dicktated"
by Jawnie April 26, 2015
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When something is explained ( typically a man to a woman) in a way that's condescending, patronising, and doesn't understand that a man's perspective.. I.e his.. May not be The only , or the right one.
The judge dicktated to the court that a man on man rape is, of course, much more serious than a man on woman rape.
by CCeeeee September 08, 2016
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(v) To utilize one's phallus (schwanz) to unambiguously convey a message or command in lieu of more traditional communication forms such as the spoken or written word., usually to compel another person into a sexual and/or degrading act.
"It was so hot when he dicktated that I book my business flight as he held me down, bent over the desk with my skirt pulled up. I felt like Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary!"
by tessmonroe June 06, 2014
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When saying the word dicktaste with a strong and aggressive meat head accent.

Dictate, Dicktate, Dicktaste
Yo guy, I crushed her a couple tree dimes (three times) already .... how my dicktate?!!...
by dewdahman September 01, 2017
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