A dictator that happens to be a real dick or asshole
Hitler was a true dicktator who threw a tantrum because he didn't get into art school.
by KevinHughes21 September 3, 2016
One who, while recieving head, forces their partner's head up and down their shaft.
Girl 1: How was your hook-up last night?
Girl 2: It was going well, but then I went down on him and he's a total dicktator!
Girl 1: Oh snap, thats so demeaning!
by theopressed11 July 20, 2009
N. One who thinks he's god, but really is on a computer hub ego trip. nelsonbt
by JoMama February 9, 2003
A Dicktator is a penis shaped potato. usually this potato is abnormally long and resembles the male anatomy.
Haha look at that potato!! it looks like a dick
yeah i know its a Dicktator
by Openyourminthole March 10, 2012
When your dick has more control over your body than your brain.

Often occurs when full erect and you swing your hips.
Jamal- "Man, my Dicktator is really hoping to get some pussy tonight!"
Ladantre- "I wish my Dicktator was working.."
by Psherman42walabywaysydney April 7, 2016
Insult that i made up putting together the words dick and the communist dictator. Its a diss use it on your friends or foes see also Cock nazi
by xTheRevolutionx December 17, 2004