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A "Gang" Symbol used in the Online series "Summer Heights High". Show using a picture of a dick with tation after it.
"see you draw a dick and then "tation" and you have it dicktation.
by King Zaos August 02, 2008
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Taking care of the office manager's, supervisor's etc sexual needs. A job that a majority of secretaries perform, whether they admit to it or not.
(Unzipping his fly and dialing the front desk) Ms. Sukalot, I have some dicktation for you.

(Smiles and adjusts her cleavage and hose) I'll be right there, sir!
by Casketcrawler October 19, 2006
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the gentle art of teaching someone by fucking them
its ok sweetie, its time for some dicktation
by Beavis September 21, 2003
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Taking orders from an authoritarian idiot, a dick.
His angry, one word directives that made no sense became known as dicktation.
by CentralDogma December 31, 2016
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Dicktation is the action of storytelling involved in detailing your latest sexual encounter to all of your friends. This normally requires graphic imagery and emphatic use of the hands, usually resulting in a rather grotesque and hilarious game of charades. This is also a technique frequently used by rap and R&B artists, like Ludacris, or Afroman.

-Note: not having a dick does not make one incapable of dicktation. Women are probably better at this artform than men are.
"Dude, I totally hooked up with Shelly last night. At the club"

"No way! you gotta give me the whole dicktation man, I need to hear all about this."
by AndMyCucumber August 27, 2011
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Verbally-created off-the-cuff word-compositions that the speaker would probably be perfectly capable of writing/typing up himself, but he's such a lazy dick that he gets his secretary to do it for him.
The reel-to-reel recording-system that the Watergate tapes came from was originally intended as a dicktation-aid, since ol' Tricky was too much of a puffed-up "dick" to bother jotting down his thoughts and memos on paper.
by QuacksO November 06, 2018
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