A "Gang" Symbol used in the Online series "Summer Heights High". Show using a picture of a dick with tation after it.
"see you draw a dick and then "tation" and you have it dicktation.
by King Zaos August 2, 2008
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It's like lactation. It's the milking of the dick.
Carlos' mom is a pro at taking dicktation
by PNAKOAO January 17, 2016
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Taking orders from an authoritarian idiot, a dick.
His angry, one word directives that made no sense became known as dicktation.
by CentralDogma December 31, 2016
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A dictator that happens to be a real dick or asshole
Hitler was a true dicktator who threw a tantrum because he didn't get into art school.
by KevinHughes21 September 3, 2016
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One who, while recieving head, forces their partner's head up and down their shaft.
Girl 1: How was your hook-up last night?
Girl 2: It was going well, but then I went down on him and he's a total dicktator!
Girl 1: Oh snap, thats so demeaning!
by theopressed11 July 20, 2009
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N. One who thinks he's god, but really is on a computer hub ego trip. nelsonbt
by JoMama February 9, 2003
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This sex act involves a man and a woman where the man brutally beats the woman senseless. Near the point of fatality, the male grabs his dong and proceeds to make a potato condom. After the potato condom is created, the male puts it on over his abnormally small wang and commences the potato ass fucking. He continues until the woman draws blood from the sewer pipe and beef sandwich, where he then forces the woman to choke on this hunk of a veggie. During all this, he is speaking German and hailing Hitler, even wearing the notorious Nazi uniform. This sex act is considered sexist and the SJW WILL come to your front door. Also to note, this sex act is illegal in nearly every communist country. Rated PG.
I just gave Jill The Dicktator and boy was she a screamin!
by Damnstr8mmmmm November 16, 2017
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