An article of clothing originating from the era of thoracic dignity. Comprised of a finely pruned turtleneck vaguely resembling a miniature poncho, the dickey served no purpose other than to warm the neck and cover the cleavage produced by a significant bust. Often referred to as a 'turtleneck illusion', the dickey continues to become an increasingly obsolete garment as the age of the breast falls upon us all.
"Have you seen the new girl in the office, I think she's wearing a dickey?

I hear she used to be a substitute teacher or a librarian"
by ungood February 16, 2009
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Somebody who can't help themselves but be a argumentitive and condescending person when they are trying to explain themselves.


Somebody who is rude and abusive towards women whilst appearing joyful (in this case, they 'Dickey' would usually want to sleep with the women who he is tormenting).
I asked my teacher to elaborate a little further about this history lesson he was giving and he became a total dickey

I was out with the lads last night and I saw this guy being a total dickey, but you know what he was after
by easysleazylemonpeazy March 17, 2010
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A grumpy, hairy, garbage eating hobo. A Dickey's undergarments are prone to spontaneous combustion if left unattended.
Mo's luck went down hill when a Dickey became his roommate.
by Cogliostro October 04, 2007
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