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A modern term meaning cool, good, sick, talented or the likewise.

The antonym would be screws, which is generally an insult meaning uncool and often homosexual.
Person 1: Have you played that new video game? It's so nails.
Person 2: Ya, but I'm not very good at it. Are you?
Person 1: Ya, I'm good at everything.
Person 2: You're so nails.
by dinomoo February 13, 2011
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A term usually used as an insult, meaning uncool, and is commonly refered to as a synonym for gay.
The opposite of nails.
Guy: That guy has nice abs.
Guy 2: WTF you're so screws.
by dinomoo February 13, 2011
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(Chiefly Southwestern Ontario) A 200 mL bottle of liquor; one size smaller than a mickey.
I don't want to get too fucked up so I just bought a dickey of Captain Morgan.
by dinomoo September 3, 2019
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When an older guy's hairline starts to recede, giving the illusion of a widow's peak.
Larry: Is that Brad? I didn't know he had a widow's peak.
John: Nah, that's not his natural hair line, his temples are just balding. That's a widower's peak.
by dinomoo January 20, 2020
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An acronym meaning "Hardly Agree More" to express agreement and often sameness, especially in instant and text messaging.
1. (agreement)
Guy 1: Watch this video, the girl in it is really hot!
Guy 2: Ham!

2. (sameness)
Girl: I'm going to the fair this weekend.
Guy: Ham!
by dinomoo July 21, 2010
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