a dumbass person, someone who is implied to suck dick, hence why he is a dicksuck.
look at alex underwear, he's such a fucken dicksuck
by esteban bag October 10, 2004
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New York slang. The opposite of “dickriding”used to insult someone who is hating on you or nitpicking you.
James: Devin pass the ball that’s not your shot!

Devin shoots…“swish

Devin: and you were saying dicksucker?
by Orynami October 28, 2021
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Anyone who gets on your nerves, does unecessary thing, or is just annoying in general.
Holly- Hey what's up Nicole?
Nicole- yeah i got to go..
Holly- Dang you are such a dicksucker sometimes.
by EyeLuhChu99 November 1, 2009
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a dicksucker is someone who sucks major dick
"dude Noah is a dicksucker"
"bro i am Noah u fucking cunt"
by r.uvveyda May 19, 2022
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The mouth of a person who clearly gobbles penis and refuses to shut up, ever.
"Hey, assface, shut your dicksuck before I kick you in the browneye"
by cleetus joe-willy-bob October 6, 2004
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1.) A person who sucks a male's penis.
2.) A male that acts like a homosexual.
1.)Martha is a great dicksucker. It felt good!
2.) What Nate said to me on the way to the student wellness and recreation center:
"No one likes a dicksucker!"
by jiblair October 15, 2005
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