I term created to demonstrate the lack of originality and relevance in todays insults. Similar to "tool", "plug" and "duster", this word has literally no meaning whatsoever, other than the fact that is rolls off the tongue nicely.
Dude, I called this guy a dicer the other night and he urban-dictionaried it to see what it meant! What a dicer.
by The Gimpler and Calankaley April 11, 2010
In the Role-Playing-Game community: A dicer is someone who rolls a die a certain way to receive a desired number. There are several dicing techniques, including the drop technique where you don't actually roll the die, rather you just drop it with the desired number showing on top. See Dice and Dicing
Kenny: You killed me again. I'm never playing with you again because you are a Dicer.
by Concerned Gamer August 11, 2005
a dicers license looks similar to a drivers license and must be produced upon the request of a 'dicer'. if a person cannot produce there dicers license then the 'dicer' will dice them.
the man could not produce his dicers license so was therefore diced because it is a dice or be diced world out there.
by the corse July 20, 2009
When something is good/great
Can also be used as "let’s go!" in a happy way
A: How did your test go
B: Nicer Dicer
A: That’s Awesome
by Maxn700 January 30, 2023