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To have the sudden urge to masturbate in a public place, usually a restaurant, and to then start beating off savagely.
O man did you here? Bobby had a wack attack at his nephews birthday party! What a sick bastard.
by d00d April 27, 2004
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An exclamation when things are suddenly weak, lame, not cool or otherwise wack.
Guy 1: Dude this Party is about to be so legit!
Guy 2: i know, like all the cheerleaders from the game are supposed to be there.

>They get there and its all jocks and no girls at all<

Guy 1: (sigh) wack attack.
by Zomgeee June 05, 2010
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When someone gets way too high, and freaks out slightly. Symptoms include paleness, sweating, loss of the ability to open your eyes, and a desperate desire to no longer be high.
Josh: Dude, is Sam ok?
Joey: He is Wack Attacking.
Josh: Oh... Shall we fuck with him?

"Fuck... I'm ok... I'm ok... Its just a Wack Attack."
by Beentherebeenhigh August 26, 2009
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An unstoppable urge to play with your penis, it can be brought on by seeing pretty girls on the street, seeing a hottie on tv or remembering a great scene from a porno...etc.
"Dude where'd you go?"

"I was watching Power Rangers and the Pink ranger gave me massive wack attack, I had to go and take care of it."
by Larocs May 29, 2007
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1. (n) a complete loser; someone that is often made fun of.
"Look at that WACKATTACK over on the street! Let's DURR the fuck out of him!"
by jimmy cao April 29, 2004
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