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n. an erect penis
I woke up this morning with a wicked rod!
by Rod October 10, 2003

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The sickest movie in the world or close to it.

consists of gay midgets
backwoods inbred families
girls who like ducktape ripped off their nipples
men who wrestle with chairs
a kid who wears bunny ears and sits on a toilet playing the accordian
a repulsive looking 15 yr old boy who likes to eat spaghetti and milk in black bathwater while his mother washes his hair- he also drops a candy bar into this brown filthy bathwater and eats it
a retarded girl shaves off her eyebrows and walks around aimlessly
2 hick boys whip drown and kill dead cats
mom tapdances then puts a gun to her sons head and says smile or ill shoot you
makes fun of deaf people
boys kill and turn in dead cats to the chinese restraunt for food
man sells dead cat carcusses to the public
a albino woman who likes to dance and is lookin for a man
women with no eyebrows
old man trys to touch girls after they loose their cat, gee i wonder what happened to the cat
a guy who pimps his retarded disabled sister out to neighborhood boys
and harmony korine as a gay man who is in a relationship with a black midget.
Keep in mind all of these people are southern talkin rednecks from ohio. They seemed to me to be more from the deep south though.
You wana get sick go watch Gummo.
by Rod February 26, 2005

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Chuck some more snags on the barbie
by Rod July 15, 2003

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A straight curious guy usually is cool with masturbating with another guy. This includes watching and/or lending a hand. He still likes women but wants to bond with a guy without having sex and being construed as bisexual or gay.
My buddy and I both like to jack off while we're watching porn.
by Rod September 16, 2004

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v. the act of taking a dump; dropping off the cosbys. Originated from Devin the Dude, in his critically aclaimed single, "Boo Boo'n", on Rap A Lot Records.
Don't go in the bathroom, I just got done boo boo'n
by Rod October 22, 2003

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Enclosed skywalks between office buildings, as seen in downtown areas. Based upon the visual similarity with hamster habitrail tubes. Often shortened to simply "habitrail."
It's raining; let's take the habitrail to the restaurant
by Rod March 02, 2005

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To gamble with dice;usually craps
I got $5000 in that dice game on 34th
by Rod November 15, 2003

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