1) noun: a d*ck/a penis
2) noun: a dick/an asshole of a person

3) verb: to f*ck/have sex with someone
4) verb: to get f*cked/to get played/to be made a fool/to be embarrassed
5) adjective: good/nice/weird/bad/stupid (depends on the context)
6) noun: a bro/ my bro (examples: "yooo, my diag!", "what's up, diag?")
1) "Bro, get a diag!", "I think that guy's missing his diag", "I bet 50 bucks that your diag is tiny", "Imagine not having a diag. (sarcastically) couldn't be ___(name of friend or enemy that doesn't have a diag)____"
2) "That guy's such a diag!", "(*smh*) What a diag" , "Why you gotta be such a diag?!"
3) "That guy just diagged someone", "Yo, diag or pass?", "I'd definitely diag them"
4) "YOO, that guy just got diagged! (*lol*)", "(If someone dies in a videogame) Bro, you just got diagged", "Haha, I just diagged you, and you didn't even notice (This could be misinterpreted for definition 3)"
5) "Bro, that's such a diag thing to say, thanks bro", "Bro, that was such a diag move! Don't be like that", "That's a diag guy"
6) "Yo, what's up, my diag?", "How's my little diag today? (this could be misinterpreted for definition 1)"
by gazboi_MAST_HERBATE March 11, 2021
Stupid idiot human turds who are food shopping in their own little bubble thinking of their own little things, abandon their trolling in a diagonal across the aisle ESPECIALLY IN THE FRUIT & VEG SECTION and stride across to whatever fucking food they want AND THEN stand their looking at the label for years.
"Look at them blocking the aisle, fuuucking Diags."
by dontpanicKEEPCLAM February 4, 2012
Often used among people with mental health issues, refers to their diagnosis or label in a derogatory way. Generally indicates that the person using the term thinks that their diagnosis is useless as many people fit a few of the criteria for being diagnosed with different mental illnesses, however the overall picture of those illnesses is often not an accurate depiction of any problems they may have. The term is sometimes seen in popular culture and gained popularity from its use in the film 'Girl, Interrupted'.
So, what's your diag-nonsense?
by musicgeek87 September 19, 2010
Diag Rats refers to a group of people who hang around a spot called the "diag".

This spot is a common meetingplace on University of Michigan property in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Diag is a central sort of walk-only campus with many grassy areas to sit on. It gets its name because of the many walkways and paths that run through it diagonally to the streets surrounding it.

"Diag Rats" are local Ann Arbor (and sometimes neighboring cities) residents who hang out in the diag on a regular basis. Most of these locals range in age from teens to mid-twenties, and a few older.
Look at that big group of Diag Rats sitting under the tree. I wonder if they have any drugs?
by Ashface! September 25, 2006