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The man, the myth, the legend... DIAGOLAS!!

- A man with a humungous whale of a diag
"Yo, it's the man, DIAGOLAS!!"
"So gaz"
by gazboi_MAST_HERBATE April 23, 2021
1) noun: a d*ck/a penis
2) noun: a dick/an asshole of a person

3) verb: to f*ck/have sex with someone
4) verb: to get f*cked/to get played/to be made a fool/to be embarrassed
5) adjective: good/nice/weird/bad/stupid (depends on the context)
6) noun: a bro/ my bro (examples: "yooo, my diag!", "what's up, diag?")
1) "Bro, get a diag!", "I think that guy's missing his diag", "I bet 50 bucks that your diag is tiny", "Imagine not having a diag. (sarcastically) couldn't be ___(name of friend or enemy that doesn't have a diag)____"
2) "That guy's such a diag!", "(*smh*) What a diag" , "Why you gotta be such a diag?!"
3) "That guy just diagged someone", "Yo, diag or pass?", "I'd definitely diag them"
4) "YOO, that guy just got diagged! (*lol*)", "(If someone dies in a videogame) Bro, you just got diagged", "Haha, I just diagged you, and you didn't even notice (This could be misinterpreted for definition 3)"
5) "Bro, that's such a diag thing to say, thanks bro", "Bro, that was such a diag move! Don't be like that", "That's a diag guy"
6) "Yo, what's up, my diag?", "How's my little diag today? (this could be misinterpreted for definition 1)"
by gazboi_MAST_HERBATE March 11, 2021
slang used by an elite group called the gaz-bois. If you use this word, you're cool

1.1) adjective: cool, weird, ugly, disturbing, bad (depending on facial expression when saying it and context)
1.2) adjective: stupid, cool, weird (again, depends on facial expression or context, but these 3 are the more common usages)
2.1) noun: someone/something that is weird, bad (depends on context)
2.2) noun: someone/something that is weird (in a good way) (depends on context)
1.1) "Bro, that's so gaz", "Bro, why? why you gotta be so gaz?", "That's gaz", "imagine being so gaz that you don't have a diag" (if you don't know what a diag is, search it up as well)
1.2) "don't be gaz", "you're so gaz", "y'all are SO gaz"
2) "That's a gaz"
by gazboi_MAST_HERBATE March 11, 2021