The age range in your twenties, beginning at 24 and ending at 26. Up until 24 (20-23), you're in your early twenties. After 26 (27-29), you're in your late twenties.
When I hit 24, I had transitioned from my early twenties to my mid-twenties. Then I had a mid-twenties crisis.
by Cspan May 23, 2009
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A time of mental breakdown that occurs during a person's twenties, often a result of an inability to function outside of college/university or other types of structured environments. Feeling alone and/or useless also tends to be a symptom of the mid-twenties breakdown.
Soon after Paul finished grad school at age 24 he found that he couldn't get a job and had a mid-twenties breakdown and moved back to his parents' basement where he spent most of his days playing Xbox and smoking weed.
by Johnny Z. Styles May 28, 2010
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That moment in the mid twenties when you don't want to pretend to be mature anymore like you felt you needed to in your early twenties and you decide to rage until you reach your late twenties.
Mid Twenties Rage.
by LastNight______ August 3, 2011
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