Digital Gangster. One who (ab)uses the internet and modern technology for many tasks, most commonly for monetary profit or other personal gain, and initimidation of rivals. People who can destroy your credit, steal your identity or hack your website without you ever seeing them.
YTCracker is a DG. He clocks huge bank from spamming and is not to be fuxd with if you value your life.
by Em Epher July 01, 2006
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abbreviation for dirty girl
often used in reference to girls who read comsmopolitan, or other sexually related literature.
She's such a DG, it's disgusting.
by Tiffylee June 01, 2005
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The name used to describe a "dick grabber." When consuming too much alcohol girl often feels the need to grab dicks on the dance floor or any other situation. This event usually happens at random and inappropriate times. Female may bite lip or stare down the victim before going in for the kill.
"wow that girl is a dg, did you see what she just did, she def got a handful."
by ThomasBuildzthatFire February 24, 2010
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An abbreviation for the color dark green. The most desirable color in the Warcraft 3 custom map dota because it blends into the map and makes your hero difficult to see. Especially powerful in the hands of the hero Frondar, thus rendom frondar gg. Also used in combination with the phrase gg no re.
ThroatYogurt: dg gg no re
rabbitw00t: shit dg just ganked me because i can't see him on the minimap
by Mannaise May 30, 2007
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Short for dollar general. Meaning something is of poor quality.
You can get dg bread, and dg clothes, but never get a dg girl!
by michaelstands May 21, 2004
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Death Grip Syndrome is the excessive use of the hand in male masturbation leading to decreased sensitivity during real sex. It is a curable, non-permanent condition that requires the cessation of hand masturbation. This will lead to more pleasurable sex. It will take some time to become used to the sensations of actual sex ranging from one week to a whole month.
John was a virgin until his wedding night, but his DGS prevented him from fully enjoying his first time. But John was able to enjoy sex more thoroughly after he stopped masturbating for a while.
by DarkElf October 17, 2013
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