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Death Grip Syndrome is the excessive use of the hand in male masturbation leading to decreased sensitivity during real sex. It is a curable, non-permanent condition that requires the cessation of hand masturbation. This will lead to more pleasurable sex. It will take some time to become used to the sensations of actual sex ranging from one week to a whole month.
John was a virgin until his wedding night, but his DGS prevented him from fully enjoying his first time. But John was able to enjoy sex more thoroughly after he stopped masturbating for a while.
by DarkElf October 17, 2013
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Short for "don't get smart" similar to "don't be a smart-ass"
John: I was out sooo late last night.
Peter: Wow, you're sooo cool, I wish i was like you..." (sarcasm)
John: DGS bro.
by motherfucker2 December 22, 2013
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Matt Dolina was banging me in the ass and his DGS was so strong I exploded everywhere.
by Tsdg September 11, 2016
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Dartford Grammar School, in Kent. DON'T even THINK about going there. I can give you ten reasons to go to Gravesend Grammar School instead, I've been to both after all. Fo' sho'.
Go to DGS and you'll regret it. Guaranteed!
by spunko December 20, 2004
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Diminished Gluteal Syndrome. A rare case where you reach a certain age and you have no ass no more. Imagine a frog that stood up and put on a pair of pants...NO ASS...

Kind of the hill (Frank Hill) has DGS.

Usually old white men suffer from DGS. Unlike niggers who are equipped with oversized buttocks, which have evolved to make it more comfortable for them to sit around all day doing nothing for their entire life
I can't sit no more...I have no ass. My DGS is really troublesome
by wal3a May 11, 2004
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"Don't Give a Shit" syndrome.
Characterized by a complete lack of interest in putting any effort forward.
Similiar to CRS.
Ever since Roy was diagnosed with DGS, he's been quite a loaf.
by Tweed June 08, 2005
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