A designated walker(like a designated driver) is the person in a group who has to remain mostly sober so they are able guide back their friends to their place. A DW usually works best in city like NYC where you can walk anywhere you want to go
Last night we were planning on getting drunk uptown so we decided to make John the designated walker so we didn't get lost or robbed
by drunkfrosh October 17, 2009
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Similar to the designated driver He/she is the brave, daring, sober soul that will risk the potential of projectile vomit and police confrontation when you stumble and fall on your face just to make sure your sloppy, drunk ass gets back to your dorm/house/apartment in one un-raped piece.
Paul's the Designated Walker...check out the New Balances

Ok, I have to stop and Johnson Hall...then Peterson Hall...then we'll get to your room.
by Uncleruck April 26, 2008
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1) The guy that has to walk a girl home so she doesn't get raped or stalked by random dudes that are sketchy.

2) {The} Defender from the designated stalker. (Part of jingle - See example)
1) Going to get plastered?

2) Nah man. Not trying to get hangovers Besides if i go out i have to watch out for the girl ill be with, theres some creeps here

1) Designated walker?

2) Designated anti creeper?
1) Designated walker - defender from the designated stalker. ©2011
by EnragedHavoc October 10, 2011
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To be the sober one walking all the drunk people home.
Amy, Hannah, Lauren and Ashley went to a party in town. The designated walker(s) were Ashley and Lauren. Amy and Hannah decided to leave the party but were to drunk to walk home alone, so the designated walker(s) (Lauren and Ashley) walked them home.
by amybroook March 15, 2014
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One who makes sure that people who are under the influence walk to their destinations safely
To get back to the hotel safely, Tricia is our DW (designated walker)
by trishfish526 April 25, 2011
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